Depeche Mode Tickets

The Depeche Mode concert tour is here. Check out the upcoming shows in a venue near you. This World Tour has many locations all over. It's an exciting time to be part of the Depeche Mode fanbase. We will discuss some of the Depeche Mode ticket prices, where to consider sitting, some interesting facts, and some other important Depeche Mode concert tour information.

When a band like Depeche Mode announces a concert tour, it is our goal to let you know. We use all of our resources to bring together the information required to get the best tickets. You will notice in the ticket listings above, that they are playing all over the country and the world.

The tour dates are in order of when the concerts will occur. If you are not seeing the event in your area, try using the "More" button to help load the rest of the dates.

Where to Sit at a Depeche Mode Concert

We usually take at least one concert venue and break down a few areas to consider sitting. The ticket price will be based on where the seat is located. If you can find cheap tickets in a good seat, then consider yourself lucky. We will do our best to help you find the best seats. Prices will vary from each venue, so only use this as a guide.

For a venue of this size, we suggest you don't sit on the 200 level. These seats, especially in the back will make it difficult for you to see the stage without looking at the TeleScreens. Floor seats are your best option. Consider sections F and K on the interior. These seats could show cheaper prices than the outside of G and J. Sections 1,2, and 3 could be okay, but try the lower bowl 100 section instead. You could see a price drop from "Floor Seats" 101,102,103, 134,135, and 136. This part of the seating chart will provide great views and sound. 

KIA Forum Seating Chart - The Best Seats in the Building

Depeche Mode Ticket Prices

These are subject to change at any given moment. The ticket prices for a Depeche Mode concert are based on the price it will cost to get inside the concert. This doesn't mean it will provide you with the best seat. Some venues will have cheaper ticket prices than others. This is based on supply and demand in that location. The bigger the fanbase in that city the higher the ticket prices. Here are some big venues around the United States and Canada. As you can see we are seeing Depeche Mode ticket prices for "entry" starting at $85 and it could go up to $331. 

Location Lowest Priced Ticket
Kia Forum $292
Madison Square Garden $331
United Center $176
Scotiabank Arena $85

Some Interesting Facts

One of the most successful musical bands of all time, the band has sold more than 100 million records worldwide.

Depeche Mode has had 17 top 10 albums in the UK and 54 tracks that have reached the UK Singles Chart.

Depeche Mode is sometimes credited with helping to define the genre of synth-pop as one of the first bands to make the usage of synthesizers in popular music widespread. Pioneers of electronic music like Gary Numan and Kraftwerk greatly inspired their early music.

Some performers Depeche Mode has collaborated with in the past include David Bowie, Interpol, The Killers, The Smashing Pumpkins, Curve, The Cure, and Pet Shop Boys.

Updated Depeche Mode Schedule

Come back often to see if their tour schedule has changed. This happens quite often and should be made aware of. You can also find out that another show gets added to the venue near you. This could allow you to see them more than once or if you missed them. It's best to stay updated on all tours. 

You are now ready for admission to the Depeche Mode concert tour. There is a lot to consider before buying tickets. Always consider what type of night you wish to have and plan the correct budget. Getting one of the best seats could lead to a better time than sitting far away. If you have any questions about buying Depeche Mode Tour tickets, please contact us.

How Much are Depeche Mode Tickets?

You can find Depeche Mode tickets for under $25. Ticket prices will fluctuate as you get closer to the show date.


When is Depeche Mode coming to Town?

You can find Depeche Mode tour dates and upcoming concerts in the ticket listings above. Schedules are subject to change, but the majority of the dates are in order. Dates on the tour could get added at any time and all Depeche Mode dates should be updated when that happens.


What are the Best Seats for a Depeche Mode Concert?

Most of the time this will depend on budget and availability. If you want to see Depeche Mode in one of the best seats you will most likely need to spend more than you had hoped. There are great seats all over. To see Depeche Mode up close some of the best seats will be the first 20 rows. Always check the seating chart and look at all sides of the venue for the best seats for a Depeche Mode concert.


How to Buy Depeche Mode Tickets?

Find the venue near you for Depeche Mode concerts. Find the scheduled concert that you would like to attend. Once you make your selection, proceed to checkout. You will receive an email on how to download your Depeche Mode concert tickets. They will come by email or by mobile device. All ticket sales are 100% guaranteed. Your seats will be in the section and row that you selected.


Where Can I Get Cheap Depeche Mode Tickets?

Each event will carry featured listings and if you aren't seeing those, the tickets at the top will be the cheapest Depeche Mode tickets. Most concerts have a fair share of ticket prices that are affordable. You would be surprised how cheap some of the seats came down to for Depeche Mode in the past.


How Do You Find Tickets for Depeche Mode in a Particular Location?

We all wish to see Depeche Mode in concert nearby. Every event is listed above. Use the toggle filters to select the venue closest to you.


Are Depeche Mode Tickets Sold Out?

If you see listings above for Depeche Mode, then the answer is no. Check back often to make sure there are still tickets available.


Is Depeche Mode Touring This Year?

If there are tickets above for Depeche Mode then the answer is yes. Although Depeche Mode could be playing a single event, more than likely they'll have a much deeper schedule. Depeche Mode tour dates for concerts are in the ticket listings above. You can view tour dates and buy tickets in just a few clicks.

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